Z-Ro: Sometimes I'm flippin that creme printed, sometimes I'm flippin the fleetwood, you the one with the platinum skin and the chrome spinnin shoes that fellin to feed good, might slide out my door start trippin out the Limosine tint over 83's snd fresh meat guaranteed to squeeze when enemies test me, I'm gonna emptie the clip and reload again, I ain't got no gal i ain't got no friends only thing i give a damn about is my endz I wish Screw zoo was alive so I couls watch him make another dub again I'm mad that the world f**ked up again 'cause my so called partners think I'm candy bitch I've earned the right to live a good life Y'all know how long I've been ridin
chorus: We Ride Burbans and lacs, black yellow or blue that's the only way we ride chopped and blazed like Screw I'm the King of the Clover Z-Ro the most get it done, We ride Burbans and Lacs Black yellow or blue that's the only way we ride chopped and blazed like Screw I'm the King of the Clover Z-Ro the most get it done and all we do is get money

Lil Flip: You know I'm thinkin of a masta plan....plan, I got chrome fans on my promotional van I'm the new Liveroche look at how this shit got me I f**k wit D-Block and a Dip- set Poppie My spinners don't stop Y'all rappers don't shop 'cause your jeweler told me you be wearin fake rocks and if I catch you in my hood, homie you can't leave 'cause I do niggas like Fabulous man they can't breathe I got a trick up my sleeve, don't ever pick up my weed and I don't tell my hoes bye I F**k em, Get up and leave and when I pass by the laws I gotta switch up my speed 'cause my spider on the highway doin 153


Z-RO: Every mornin I wake up I give my praises to God just for lettin me see another sunrise 'cause sometimes makin it through the night is hard livin in a place where cheerin still cheerin and police beat us a beatin lord I've been callin you so long I wonder If you even hear me even though I can count a whole heep of burdens I know there is a bunch of blessings as well I remember when i had strap in benches straight bomb motherf**kers that lean over bitches in a signle bound, I wish my momma could see me now, ain't nobody detectives trying to see me now but no rival gangs trying to beat me down, It's MTV and BET now and ain't no more regular weed ain't nothin but the best herb.... but a phrat daddy size cup of codine straight A double ice nigga yes sir I'm leanin like I need a V8 representin for the third coast look, respect the south and we gonna see straight...see straight

.......Fade*"> Thanks a ton for performing at PEA, as Nada said! Y抋ll were great and I can抰 wait to see you next year (even you, Deerfield boy). http://porumaordemdevalores.net/european-musica-folk/mp3-29413-burbans-and-lacs.html?617
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